Finding Pierce County Records — 02 November 2011

Searching for public information in Pierce County has never been easier.  Whether you are looking for information on who owns a parcel of property, marriage and divorce records, and leins or tax information on a property- Pierce County has a straightforward and easy to use online records search to meet your needs.

Pierce County Assessor Treasurer Parcel Search

This search allows you to look up all kinds of information about an individual property, including who owns it, the size and shape of the lot, the property taxes, and even the size of and number of structures built on the property. There are two ways to search- with a tax parcel number or the street address.  Occasionally, with properties that haven’t sold in many years the website may not have the information on the last sale date.

Pierce County Recorded Documents

This feature allows you to search for documents related to marriage licenses and divorces as well as information related to Pierce County excise tax. In addition, you can also find the following items:

  • All deeds
  • Bills of sale
  • Assignments
  • Contracts
  • Mortgage documents
  • Leases
  • Maps
  • Title eliminations
  • Foreclosure documents
  • Covenants
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Easements
  • Appointment of trustees
  • Substitution of trustees

It’s important to note that records such as birth and death certificates are not found here, and are obtained through the Pierce County Health Department.




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  2. The absolute encyclopedia of Pierce County Real Estate is the property information page of Planning and Land Services (PALS). The GIS (Geographic Information Services) search is especially good with a multitude of map overlays that provide details including lot lines, environmentally sensitive areas, zoning, topography and more. Essential for the land buyer or people looking a large parcels to construct outbuildings.

    Check it out:

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